What does being Premium mean?

Being a Premium member means sharing the use you make of the internet on your PC, telephone and/or tablet. In this way, we can prepare statistics for businesses who need to create or improve their services or products.

To share your use of the internet, we will ask you to configure Nicestats on your devices. It will only share which websites you visit, the searches you carry out and which applications you use. Once Nicestats is correctly configured on a device, you will receive Shells as a welcome to Premium and you will start to collect extra Shells for having Nicestats active on each device. In this article we explain how to configure Nicestats on your devices.

Forming part of Nicequest Premium is a chance to earn even more Shells that we only offer to some of our members. It isn’t necessarily the oldest members who are invited to become Premium: it always depends on the characteristics and profile that our customers are looking for at any time. Regardless of whether you accept becoming Premium or not, you will continue to received Nicequest surveys as normal.

We remind you that the internet use data is never linked to your identity and is always protected under our Privacy Policy. You can stop being a Premium member at any time and keep your Nicequest account as it was before.

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