I'm not sending Premium data?

If Nicestats is “inactive” on any device, it means it isn’t sharing how you use the internet and that we cannot award you the extra corresponding Shells for this device. Whenever Nicestats is inactive on a device, you will receive a notification by email so that you can reactivate it as soon as possible and you will receive your extra Shells again.

Nicestats can be inactive for different reasons. To reactivate it, follow these steps:

  1. Inactive due to not using your device for a few days. To reactivate Nicestats, simply use the device that is displayed as “inactive”. Search for something on the internet or use an app and, in 24 hours, Nicestats will appear again as “active” in the Premium section of your device.
  2. Inactive because Nicestats has been misconfigured or because you have not finalized the configuration process on your device. To reactivate Nicestats, check that this has been configured correctly. If your device requires it, you should also ensure you have the additional settings.

To review the status of Nicestats on your devices, visit the Premium section on the website or on the Nicequest app.

For further information, check the article How can I configure Nicestats? in our Help Centre.

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