The VPN/proxy won't let me access certain websites or apps

When you set up our proxy in iOS or VPN on Android 6.0, there may be some websites or apps that you can't visit. We're sorry this is happening: normally it's because our proxy/VPN isn't compatible with the ones used by these other websites.

We recommend that you activate and deactivate our proxy/VPN every time you visit any of these websites. Bear in mind that in iOS, every time that you deactivate the proxy (Adjustments > Wi-Fi > PROXY HTTP > No) you'll need to enter the proxy manually again in order to reactivate it.

If you visit these websites often, you can uninstall Nicestats from this device: in which case, to continue as a Premium member, we recommend that you install Nicestats on any other device that you use regularly to browse the Internet.

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