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  • Changing your email and password

    If you'd like to change the password that you've been given, or you'd like surveys to be sent to another email...

  • I'd like a new password

    When entering your account details, if you see the message "Incorrect email and/or password", please check tha...

  • Cancel my account

    If you want to stop participating in Nicequest and deactivate your account, please follow these steps: Lo...

  • I don't receive emails

    If you don't receive Nicequest emails, please check the following points: Remember that we don't send out...

  • How many Shells do I have?

    The total number of Shells that you have will appear in the top right of your screen, on the Nicequest website...

  • My data privacy

    Your data is safe with Nicequest and will only be used to compile statistics. Your personal data is never link...

  • Are you in my country?

    You can join Nicequest if you live in Spain, Portugal, United States or any other country in Latin America: we...

  • I've moved to another country, what do I need to do?

    If you have moved from the country where you first registered, please write us using our contact form and we w...

  • Invites for friends

    Normally invitations to Nicequest are available only during campaigns we launch from time to time on various w...

  • Update your data - sex and date of birth

    It may be that in a survey you have written a different age or sex than the ones you indicated when registerin...
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